Reward Center

Albany Pet Partners wants to help you save money.

To do this we offer you a few ways to save money at your dog or cat’s Annual Health Review (Check-Up), and throughout the year. To receive these discounts, just mention our web offers at your pet’s next Annual Check-Up  and you can save with any combination of the following:

Microchipped & Registered

Receive $5 off at your Annual Health Review if your pet is already microchipped, and the registration information (Name, Address, & Phone Number) is all up-to-date.

Body Weight

Receive $2 off at your Annual Health Review (Check-Up) if your pet's weight is within 5% of their weight from the previous year's Annual Check-Up.


When you purchase heartworm or flea & tick medications for your pet, check with us to see if that brand is currently offering any rebates. Follow their instructions, and mail-in the rebate to receive even more savings!